Software Toolkit to Analyze Single-Particle Mass Spectral Data

YAADA (Yet Another ATOFMS Data Analyzer) is a software toolkit to analyze single particle mass spectral data including data collected with Aerosol Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer (ATOFMS) instruments. These instruments measure the size and composition of single particles in the atmosphere. ATOFMS data have proven useful to study the sources and evolution of atmospheric aerosols in order to understand their effects on urban air quality and global climate.

YAADA is open source software for the Matlab programming environment; it is Copyright © California Institute of Technology 1999-2000, Copyright © the Arizona Board of Reagents 2001-2008, and Copyright © Jonathan O. Allen 2008.

If you find YAADA useful for your research please include a citation and email me ( ) your papers as they are published. Please also email me with problems and suggestions.


Wiki Documentaion - August 2008

YAADA documentation and links are now presented as a Wiki. Learn about YAADA and contribute your ideas at YaadaWiki.

Version 2.10 Released - 30 Jun 2008

This version has been updated to more conveniently handle very large (> 105 hit particle) datasets collected using the TSI ATOFMS. The entire code was also updated to take advantage of new features in Matlab 7.

Version 2.11 Released - 14 Nov 2008

The main change is an updated Da-velocity calibration like that in Jayne et al. 2000. This version also includes minor bug fixes.


About YAADA Downloads
Description YAADA Software (v 2.11)
System Requirements AERLAB Software (v 1.00)
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Contributors and Sponsors Manual (v 1.30 & 2.00)